We are a young dynamic company of the devoted professionals eager to deliver the best service to the New York customers whenever shopping, delivery, assembly or installation of furniture is concerned. Our main focus is IKEA furniture due to its immense popularity and our enormous experience in working with it, besides we work with individual and unique design projects being always open to new challenges.

What do we offer? Why should you choose our service?

Don’t you think each IKEA store looks very much like a giant beehive? Swarms of people shuttling hasty along the showroom… And the giant storage where you feel completely lost in a vain attempt to find the correct piece, going back and forth the shelves to pick up all the stuff you need? Agree, it’s a great experience to touch and feel things before buying them, however have you noticed how many pretty little things you touch and buy eventually exceeding your shopping list? These charming necessities never intended to be bought before somehow end up in your basket! And once you’ve finished your crusade at the checkouts there comes a feeling of utter exhaustion like you’ve spent a day working in a mine. We will save you all this effort, all the long road to and from IKEA, hours of wandering among the rows of shelves and moreover will save your budget from impulsive buys! Browse IKEA site sitting comfortably in your arm chair at home, send us the shopping list and have it delivered the same day!

Delivery. Haven’t got a van of your own to transport all those carton boxes your future furniture is crated into? That’s a pity you’ll probably need one. Otherwise try to schedule a delivery with IKEA services…and prepare to be patient. You are not the only one without a van. Luckily you’ll have your boxes in a few days. Do you want them now? Here we come to help. We will deliver your buys the same day you made them! If you have chosen to do your shopping yourself you can comfortably travel home in our van as well. Straight away from the shop! If you’ve delegated shopping to us you will have everything delivered at your doorstep at the exact hour you choose convenient.

Assembly. Are you ready and armed with a screwdriver and IKEA assembly instructions? Ready to spend the whole day? Let me ask you a question – what’s the point? It will take half an hour for a professional; they have already assembled dozens of exactly the same wardrobes as yours! Note that we do it every day, every movement being honed to automatism. That allows us to fully ensure fast assembly, and most importantly – IKEA furniture assembly quality. As we save your time we save your money. How much does your working hour cost? Just multiply it by the time you’ll spend while exercising your IKEA assembly skills. Is it really worth it?

Returns. Have you taken the wrong box from the shelve? Is the color not matching the way you have expected? Don’t worry you don’t have to get back to IKEA and wait the line for return. Here we are to render this service to you.

Summing all the above just imagine what a HUGE headache you are avoiding by using our services. With us your IKEA shopping experience turns from a nightmare into a fairy tale, something pleasant and enjoyable. An image you have seen in the IKEA catalogue magically materializes the same day in your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

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