Have you thought of decorating your kitchen in a Scandinavian style? It’s unlikely you have never heard about it, most probably you have already appreciated some of its features in kitchen décor – or even deployed at your own kitchen! Let alone IKEA is a Scandinavian company, many of their designs belonging to this very trend. Fabulous about Scandinavian design is that its elegant solutions are appropriate for a kitchen of any size from a tiny to a spacious one. Should you have a small kitchen you are likely to especially appreciate Scandinavian design for its ergonomics and optimization of every inch of space. Besides, it adds the airy ambiance and a sensation of an open space small kitchens often lack.

Despite minimalism a kitchen in this style usually gives a very warm and cozy feeling. Its elegance lies in its simplicity, based on calmness, clarity, harmony of color and light. Want some Scandinavia style features to your kitchen? Find a few tips below:

Light is what actually matters. Light and white color is the key. Short winter days made the Scandinavians always seek the light; seek to ensure letting it in, to prevent the light from being absorbed or anyhow blocked. Take advantage of your kitchen window – remove all objects screening off the light. For electric light use rather a group of lamps than one. A classical solution will be a group of similar bright lamps hanging low above the dining suit.

White enhances the natural light and visually maximizes the space. Walls in Scandinavian style are typically of white color, the cabinets are white too and often glossy to reflect and multiply the light. However, painting all white will not make it Scandinavian: emphasize the coldness and purity by contrast with warm shades of brown! Dilute the pure white with softer hues, vanilla, ivory or beige. Choose a corner you want to stand out and add a splash of bright color…and don’t overdo not to get away from the initial concept. Moderation is the essence of this style.

Wood is always present that way or another in Scandinavian style. Wood is to provide your pallete with the shade of warm brown. While cabinetry in a Scandinavian kitchen is often white and glossy, dining suits are made predominately from wood; very slightly treated wood to keep its natural look and textual beauty. Another common design solution is to deploy wooden floor or ceiling or wall panels. Massive wood will add your kitchen a charming rustic touch.

Pragmatism and pedantry are the qualities traditionally ascribed to the Northern Europeans. They have been translated to the furniture design. Smart space optimization is the key point in a Scandinavian kitchen: clean straight lines, built-in appliances, modular cabinets and absence of non-functional décor elements.

Scandinavian design is not in the least strict and rigid, on the contrary it’s very flexible, merging with other styles in some décor solutions: for instance exposed brick walls, coming initially from industrial loft have already become a feature of modern Scandinavian, either painted white or in a natural terracotta color providing the necessary contrast.