Families who never argue or fight are quite rare. Nevertheless, add a home assembly furniture pack into the conversation and you may just be one step away from a doomed argument. Despite compiling what the company regards as relatively straightforward assembly instructions, the best way to keep your family calm and reduce arguments is to employ our IKEA assembly service.

Un-boxing Is the First Power Struggle

You will learn a lot about your relationship by un-boxing your purchases from IKEA. The first stage of planning should detail who oversees the un-boxing as you will have been trained throughout life that teamwork is great, but someone must still be in charge, to make the final decisions. The first argument may be just seconds away.

One of you may wish to take each item carefully out of the box and check it off against the parts list, while the other partner may wish to empty the box and start making guesses about how the product should be put together. Having us provide the complete IKEA assembly service, means that you can avoid the stages before your family can enjoy your new purchase.

Are the Instructions in Swedish?

Humans are individuals and we are all good at some actions in life and not so good at others. When it comes to reading instructions, however simple the design company believes them to be, they can become an instant nightmare to folks who are not used to putting together IKEA furniture or understanding the format of the construction.

While the instructions may be in your local language, our professional IKEA assembly service will be able to complete the task in a far shorter timescale than most homeowners. This is because they are finishing these jobs regularly and understand how the furniture must be assembled. Instead of spending an entire day putting together one wardrobe, experts will be able to complete a full bedroom in less time.

We collect your Ikea goods for you; we deliver to you; we can assemble and install to your exacting requirements. Contact us at CreateComforts for excellent customer satisfaction.