IKEA furniture is a popular option for anyone who is furnishing their first apartment, or just looking for something new and stylish. Selling furniture flat packed and pre-assembled is what allows the company to sell it so cheaply. The main problem with their business model, however, that there aren’t any IKEA stores in urban areas. The Brooklyn store is too far for many, and you can’t exactly carry a flat pack or a couch on the subway! If you don’t have a car or know someone willing to loan you a truck, you will have to pay for an IKEA delivery, which starts at $59, according to the company’s website, and climbs to over $100 in parts of New Jersey. That extra charge can put it out of the price range of many New Yorkers and New Jersey residents. Visiting the store, driving home, and then putting the furniture together can easily take up an entire day, as can sitting at home waiting for a delivery.

Delivery Service

There is an option, however, of hiring a third party delivery company such as Create Comforts to delivery your order for you. Not only will the delivery be made quicker and at a much lower price, you don’t even need to take the trouble of visiting the Brooklyn store or working your way through busy traffic. By giving us your shopping list, we can visit the store for you, put your purchases in one of our trucks, and deliver them straight to your home on the same day. By arranging a convenient delivery time, you also won’t have to resort to taking the day off to wait for your order to arrive or to navigate through the store’s maze of shelves.

Assembly Service

If you want to save money further, you can also combine your IKEA delivery with our assembly service which will put together your complicated furniture for you. Despite its popularity, IKEA furniture does still carry a reputation of being difficult to assemble if you aren’t a DIY expert. Sometimes even the assembly instructions are a chore to navigate through. Having one of our professionals do it for you will cut down on the stress, save money on buying expensive tools, and is more convenient for the busy Manhattan lifestyle.

If you want cheap and stylish IKEA furniture without the headaches and time constraints of delivery and assembly, give us a call to arrange a delivery time. You can have the furniture you want in your home for a fraction of the time and cost. Contact us at Createcomforts.com for excellent customer satisfaction.