Contemplate thoroughly before taking a decision. The trend nowadays is towards open kitchens, that are often integrated into large living rooms. But does that correspond to your lifestyle?

Why is open kitchen so trendy nowadays?
Integrated planning has incomparable advantages, both in terms of comfort and interior design. It is the easiest way to increase the space. Moreover, jointing kitchen with the dining room will let more light in both of them, as there will be several windows in one room. This type of organization is perfect for those who feel a bit restrained in cramped places.

Below are some pros and cons for an open kitchen:

1. Instead of two small rooms you get one large, bright, and spacious, with several windows in it. It becomes easy to have noisy parties with many guests.
2. Kitchen becomes an entertainment place. Once having guests you can keep up the conversation, doing the cooking simultaneously. That means you don’t need to prepare food in advance. Guests can accommodate themselves around you, some volunteers can help with cooking and communication will not be broken.
3. Getting with dishes from the kitchen to the living room and back takes no time at all. Sometimes you can let the guests help themselves straight from the kitchenette.
4. You can keep an eye on children during meal preparation. Making your kids stay in a small kitchen is rather difficult, while with an open kitchen they can comfortably play in the dining zone you watching over them.

1. The most evident and annoying drawback of an open kitchen is the smell. Fried fish or onions will haunt you around the place while with the closed kitchen you could have just shut the door. Therefore prepare for additional expenses on a high-powered extractor hood.
2. And prepare for the noise of this extractor hood, besides, an electric kettle, a microwave, a dishwasher, and a blender… not all kitchen appliances are equally silent. Cooking sounds such as dishes rattling, pouring water or frying can be unpleasant as well, making others in the room speak louder or increase the TV volume.
3. You can hardly leave the dishes until late at night or till the morrow morning. It will be all exposed so you’ll have to keep the kitchen perfectly clean day and night. Besides frequency the room to be cleared increases. Crumbed bread, flour or sugar sprinkled occasionally on the floor risk to be scattered all around the place, making you mop not only a small kitchen but a large open space.
4. Open kitchen will not offer you the opportunity for numerous cabinets and build-in appliances, the welcoming walls of smaller kitchen do. Fewer walls mean fewer storage place.
There is no right or wrong decision; what reasoning from the above do you find more convincing?

Depends on your lifestyle I guess. It’s up to you to choose the most appropriate solution.