It’s inevitable to order a delivery service if you buy some bulky goods. IKEA furniture is just the case. You will have to look for a delivery service anyway, unless you are a van line owner.

And it’s a smart choice to use services of iFurnitureassembly as we offer LOWER prices. Besides we won’t put you on a long waiting list and will schedule delivery the same day. We are always EXACTLY on time and you will never spend the whole afternoon at home waiting anxiously for delivery “somewhere about noon”.

Provide us with your shopping list and let us know the time convenient for the delivery. Should you prefer to do your shopping yourself – let us know the time you want us to pick you up from the IKEA store. You can travel comfortably home in our van as well.

With years of experience we know all IKEA products by heart and will immediately spot if goods won’t fit into our standard transportation vehicle. No worries! We will deploy a freight truck; however additional fees may apply in that case. Please read carefully our delivery policy.