IKEA Delivery and Assembly Service NYC


IKEA Delivery and Assembly Service: New York City

IKEA furniture is extremely popular but a common complaint is the time it can take to get it home and then the sometimes arduous task to assemble it. IKEA delivery can be expensive and then once it arrives you still need to assemble it yourself. We can help with pickup and IKEA delivery as well as IKEA assembly service options so that you can enjoy your new IKEA furniture without the associated time and effort (and for some, frustration) associated with furniture assembly.

IKEA furniture tends to be affordable and modern with the added benefit of being assembled inside your New York home so that you don’t have to cart heavy furnitures up stairs, through narrow doorways, and so forth. It can be discouraging, though, to see complicated-looking directions, especially if you are low on time.

What Can You Have Assembled from IKEA?

IKEA has a wide selection of furniture for every room of the house. Whether you are looking at one of their wardrobe systems to streamline and organize in your New York City house, apartment, or office or you are interested in bookshelves, armoires, entertainment centers, or some other piece of IKEA furniture that requires assembly and is too large for you to bring home in your vehicle, we can help. We can even help with the more complex kitchen assembly as well.

New York City IKEA Kitchen Installation

Obviously assembly of an IKEA kitchen requires more than a simple alan key. We can help with the basics of counter, cupboard, and drawer installation but we can also coordinate installation of your appliances, adjustments for your plumbing, and so forth. Everything involved in setting up for an IKEA kitchen installation can be done by our team.

Contact us today for IKEA furniture delivery and assembly services in and around New York City.