Working with these guys was a good experience. I hired them to pick up furniture at Ikea, deliver to my new apartment, and assemble everything (a dresser, desk, chair, bed frame…the works!). Delivery and assembly were obvious lifesavers, but what can’t be understated is the fact that they trek through Ikea and pick up all of the things on your shopping list for you. Seriously, if you have an extensive shopping list, don’t skimp and just pay for these guys to do everything for you. Also, they’re very friendly and polite.

One tip is to be proactive about following up should you need answers to questions. They will usually get back to you within a day, but during the busier periods (towards the end of the month when everyone’s moving) they may be delayed in responding. I had to email / call to confirm timing, pricing, etc. Not a big deal, but just a heads up.

Payment is via cash or Venmo. I chose Venmo, which was super quick and straightforward.