I created a yelp account just to write this review. I am not surprised ifurnitureassembly has a perfect rating! After working with both ikea furniture assembly men and Konstantin along with his team, I can strongly say ifurnitureassembly is much better. You can commit to a time instead of a time frame and the team was on time, efficient, and went above and beyond by waiting patiently as you decide how high or how close you want to display/hang fixtures and furniture. They really understood that this is your home and were careful not to bodge the walls, removed their shoes, and made sure everything was the way I wanted it before leaving.

Additionally, I moved into a 250 sq. ft. space and their team was able to assemble the most difficult to build piece of furniture Ikea makes (the malm lift up bed with underneath storage) quickly in a severely cramped environment. This young company retains very hard workers who are not checking their phones during the job and I would highly recommend.