We are a young, local company that provides ikea shipping nyc, delivery, and ikea assembly service nyc of Create Comforts assembly nyc and accessories to customers in the NYC area, with an emphasis on customer service and communication. Not only do we provide better prices and faster ikea delivery nyc than Nyc Ikea, we can also put together your “easy-to-assembleCreate Comforts nyc the same day. Please see our service packages and prices page for details of all our services. Now that you know what we do, allow me to tell you why you should use our services.


Waste of time and unneeded stress.

Have you ever checked out the IKEA in nyc website? If you’re reading this now, chances are you have. How do you feel as you click through the pages and pages of furniture in nyc and accessories advertised and try to pick out a select few that you want for your home or office space? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Light-headed? Stressed? Anxious? Like you need a vacation? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, can you imagine how it feels to actually go to the store and SEE all of this in person?!?! (Relax…breathe…count to 10…remember, we said ‘imagine’…breathe …you’re not actually there…you’re safe.)

If you’ve ever gone to IKEA and shopped, you know what it can feel like. It’s like Disney World for grown-ups (ok, well maybe not exactly)—your eyes and ears are pulled in every direction, all five senses are engaged. Overwhelming yet exhilarating at the same time. But to walk through aisles and aisles of products and wait in line for an hour, just to buy a few pieces of furniture…it’s a bit much, don’t you think? We can help.

Avoiding the dreaded ‘impulse buy’
No need to be ashamed. We’ve all been there. We go in for three pieces of furniture and come out with that plus a trademark blue IKEA bag full of little gadgets, knick-knacks, and accessories that we never knew we needed but somehow, during our shopping trip, convinced ourselves we couldn’t live without. You know it’s true! I mean…did you really need those heart-shaped waffles?…that candle snuffer?…fish-shaped ice cube trays?…or that 3-tiered serving platter (when was the last time you had a tea party?) Sure, they seem like small purchases, a few dollars here and there. But before you know it, you’ve spent an extra 50 or 100 bucks.

The IKEA store floor plan makes us walk past hundreds, even thousands of pieces of furniture and accessories before we can make it to the warehouse to actually make the purchases we came to make. Even for the most disciplined and thoughtful shopper, the endless, perfectly coordinated displays and colorful accessories make it nearly impossible to make a bee-line to the warehouse. And once you make that first detour…you’ve lost the battle my friend. A genius business strategy for IKEA, a dent in the wallet for the average American!

Bottom-line: We can help. Just send us a list of your desired items. We’ll brave the showrooms and long lines to make your purchases, and you won’t come home feeling drained and with a bunch of stuff you don’t need!

For those of you who still like to do your own shopping, well, we can’t stop you, but let us offer you a few friendly tips.
• DO NOT enter IKEA without a shopping list! Make a shopping list using the IKEA website and print it out. And remember…stick to the list!!
• Go in through the ‘exit’ door. This way you can skip the showrooms and get straight to the warehouse where you can quickly purchase your items, and you avoid those impulse buys.
• If you decide to walk through the showrooms, before you get to the checkout, do a quick review of your cart. Now that the immediate adrenaline rush of IKEA shopping has settled, you’ll likely realize you can put back a few ‘necessities’ that you originally selected.


Sure IKEA has those great flat packs that are nice and compact. But does that mean you can transport a few of those (or even one) on the subway or ferry, then walk another few blocks to your place? No. And since most New Yorkers don’t have a truck or van or know someone who does, they inevitably turn to IKEA’s own delivery service.
So why should you use our delivery alternative? Well if you’ve ever tried to schedule an IKEA nyc delivery, you’ll know that sometimes the cost of the delivery can be more than the cost of the furniture you bought (!!) and the delivery date is usually a few days later. You bought your furniture today and you want it in your home today! We get that.

Bottom-line: We can help. If you’ve already done the shopping yourself, we’ll efficiently pack your purchases in our van and give you a lift home too. If you’ve asked us to do your shopping as well, we’ll deliver your items to your doorstep at a scheduled time.


We keep hearing people say that Create Comforts nyc is easy to ikea assembly services nyc. I’m wondering how much assembling of Create Comforts nyc those people have actually done! Sure it seems fun…for maybe the first half hour…and you feel really handy because now you can call yourself a “do-it-yourself-er.” But after squinting your eyes and turning the pictures-only ikea assembly services nyc instructions in all directions for a while, what seemed like assembly of a ‘simple’ bookshelf now seems like you’re trying to construct the Eiffel Tower. And that’s just with one item! Wouldn’t you rather be watching Game of Thrones or going for a walk in the park…or taking a nap?

Bottom-line: We can help. We’ve assembled tons of Create Comforts—many different styles and sizes. And although IKEA tells you you don’t need any tools to ikea assemble nyc their ikea furniture nyc , we’ll let you in on a little secret—it’s a LOT faster and neater if you do! So we bring our own tools and make quick work of your purchases. We also work very carefully, so as not to damage your new items or your home/office space. We leave you with some great looking ikea furniture Nyc and peace of mind.


So after all of your careful planning, one or more items you purchased just doesn’t fit in with the rest of your things. Now you have to trek back to IKEA in Nyc, ikea in Brooklyn , grab a ticket at the returns counter and wait (for who knows how long) until your number is called, and then make the long trip back home. More of your precious time wasted. (Did you finish that last episode of Game of Thrones yet?)

Bottom-line: We can help. We’ll take your return back for $99 and save you the hassle and time. A few last words…

We know that IKEA has some great furniture—modern, sleek, classy—at prices that can fit a range of budgets. But trekking to the store in Ikea Brooklyn furniture or New Jersey, making your way through the showrooms and warehouse, waiting in the long lines at the checkout, finding a way to get all of your purchases home, and finally assembling it all can be a HUGE headache!
Lucky for you, helping out fellow New Yorkers in IKEA-crisis-mode is our specialty! Our services take the burden off your hands and leave you only with the responsibility of enjoying your new room, home, or office space. We try to make working with us as easy as possible. Please check out the simple steps below to use our service. We’d love to work with you and make your Create Comforts Brooklyn, Ikea in Brooklyn New Nork experience an enjoyable one!

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