Unique furniture in New York

The first priority of iFurnitureassembly is to fulfill all our customers’ desires concerning furniture. Recently we have been receiving more and more outstanding requests for non-Create Comforts solutions. Going a step further for our customer’s satisfaction and our company development we offer a range of exclusive services for any type of furniture you can think of:

• Delivery of antique furniture

In case you have purchased antique furniture at an auction or you are moving a precious piece from one apartment to the other let us deliver your furniture! We offer a maximum protection and care. We will ensure your furniture is delivered safely and securely. Alongside with delivery our service includes packaging, dismounting/disassembly in case it’s needed for transportation reasons, further re-assembly and installation at the new place and packaging waste disposal.

• Delivery of custom-designed furniture

Should you order some furnishing from an independent designer or a furniture store other than IKEA? No matter what your vendor is you can entrust to us furniture delivery to your place. We can arrange furniture delivery from any furniture store, craftsman shop, artist studio or other premises where you have ordered it. Besides delivery we will help you with unloading and uncrating, and if needed with assembly, adjustment and installation.
Let us know the number of furniture pieces and their dimensions to evaluate the vehicle you will need and from/to addresses –we’ll get back to you with calculation. Our prices will be a welcome surprise to you. Pay less for high quality services! Standard van starts with $ for 20 miles only.

• Assembly of custom-designed furniture

Smart solution will be to have furniture customized for your needs and designed uniquely to your preferences and then order delivery and assembly with us. If you have already selected your manufacturer compare prices for assembly they offer with ours and choose a better deal. If you have just started your search for the best project we can help you with the selection – look through portfolios of our partner designers who offer customized furniture.

We guarantee a high-quality service at a reasonable price. Try it out!

Customized Furniture